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    The small boats are relentless – coming almost daily.
    The threat of yet another civil war in the Conservative Party looms as Tory backbenchers want ‘s Bill to stem the tide of migrant boats radically toughened up.<br>And last week over three hundred desperate people seeking refuge died after an overcrowded boat sunk off the coast of Greece.<br>The tragedies keep coming.

    Migration numbers are at their highest ever, and those who voted for demand answers. It is a Europe strafed by migration, , technology and war.<br> <br> An explosive and important new book,, by the author and journalist Ben Judah, shows us how the continent is being remade by two great quests for freedom: Migrants from the global south coming in search of a better life, and those from the east, fleeing from war.  <br>It details the human realities of the phenomenon once these migrants arrive in their new lands and how they are forced to adapt to make ends meet through the stories of 23 characters across 23 chapters. <br>Through these brilliantly vivid descriptions and personal interviews, Judah creates a tale of life on the margins of our societies, CARA NAIKIN WEBSITE DI GOOGLE from the Amazon worker from Syria to the Latvian Webcam girl.<br> <br> In his 20s, Ibrahim fled war-torn Syria as a teen and made his way to Germany via a long car journey, with the help of fake passports.

    He had big dreams of being an actor, but after struggling to find work fell into a gap in the market for Arab porn stars. Pictures top left  in traditional dress and top right and bottom in his new life as a porn star.<br>In his 20s, Ibrahim fled war-torn Syria as a teen and made his way to Germany via long car journeys with the help of fake passports. <br>He says: ‘It was expensive.

    I paid $4,000 just to get into Greece. I just drove straight to Greece with a fake passport, with my fingerprints and everything.'<br><div class=”art-ins mol-factbox floatRHS news” data-version=”2″ id=”mol-3c9bb8c0-136f-11ee-b2c9-63edb08f50a7″ website life is like for migrants who make a new start in Europe

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