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    <br> LEE: Correct. COMEY: So even if it’s modified, the way we hope it will be, we you should not get any further into what — what you seemed at on a website page. LEE: But in which they went on the site will also be indicative of what they did on the site, would it not? As we have an understanding of the way ECTR was supposed to be utilized, that our NSL authority underneath ECTR as we thought it was and as we hoped it will be transformed, is confined to that major stage internet site take a look at handle. We can get the webpage frequented, we are unable to get the place they navigated inside the website. Minecraft Realms server homeowners can invite up to 3,000 folks to play on their server, with up to ten gamers on the web at one particular time. At the similar time he acknowledged the reverse in a personal discussion with Bob Woodward. LEE: Individually and collectively you can obtain out a truthful amount about their particular person, especially if you are able to assessment what it is that they’ve been looking at for a specific period of time.<br>

    <br> As you can from their telephone dialing background. What — what we might like is, the purposeful equivalent of the dialing information, where by you — the tackle you e-mailed to or free-adult-Porn-videos the — or the webpage you went to, not exactly where you went inside of it. COMEY: I really don’t consider so, like a diplomat to discover out how a person feels about a particular overseas coverage problem or one thing, I do not believe so. Just like who you contact provides you some sign of your interests. COMEY: Potentially. Right. Even if you never have — see the place they went on the site that they went to ESPN or — or fishing magazine offers you some indicator of their pursuits, certainly. I imply if you can get that granular info about what subpart, not just that they went to ESPN but they went ESPN and examine this or that article. You can also “lock” a chat so no just one else can sign up for. I want to converse to you about a thing increase by one of my colleagues a small though back about digital communications transaction records.<br>

    <br> Would it be good to say that electronic communications transaction information consists of these points as browsing record? Ones heritage of sites that a person could have frequented on the net? I recognize is taking place in France and Germany, elevated sharing of intelligence, the realization I assume that they have quite perilous persons in massive figures, potentially plotting at any specified time to carry out an attack has experienced some palliative influence. I think what I study about the U.K. That’s — I may possibly be incorrect about that, but I feel that’s how we are. I imagine — I could be wrong, but I do not think so, I assume it truly is confined to counterterrorism to espionage, to counter proliferation. I indicate to me, the price of 702 is — is particularly that, where the rubber hits the street in the countrywide safety context, in particular counterterrorism, counter proliferation. COMEY: Yes, certain and again, I maintain saying this, but I indicate it.<br>

    <br> LEE: Right. So if Section 702 ended up narrowed to exclude these info, to exclude details that is relevant to overseas affairs, but not suitable to a nationwide protection risk, would that suggest that the authorities would be capable to receive the facts it desires in order to protect national protection? COMEY: Right. My comprehension is that we can not within NSL — as we have an understanding of the statute get that sub material. COMEY: Would appear to be so logically. COMEY: All proper, with a judges permission. FEINSTEIN: With a judges permission. FEINSTEIN: Thank you Mr. Chairman. LEE: Thank you Mr. Chairman. LEE: Yes. Based on the legislation that I’ve reviewed, it is really not my recollection that that is the case. LEE: Yes. Now, when Section 702 is used ,usually what we’re conversing about below is not metadata. Now, what — what I’ve been explained to is that — it would not always be the coverage of the government to use it, to go to that stage of granularity.<br>

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